Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sleepless 'til Seattle....

I have just returned home from the airport to an empty house.  A house that has been filled the past nine days with the presence and being and sounds and scent of the woman I'm incredibly in love with.  A woman who is now on a plane to take her to another plane that will take her back to Seattle where she will still have another long drive across the border. 

My "journey" for this trip is done... but hers is just beginning. 

The original plan had been for me to make the trip and come and see her first.  I have more flexibility in my work schedule since they don't pay me when I don't work and I had intended to come out for a long visit to be with her.  But the original certificate of my birth given to my parents 40+ years failed to list them on it, and thanks, I imagine to the Donald requiring a long-form birth certificate, so does everyone else now.  So to get across the border to see her I needed a long form birth certificate to get a new passport. 

This process has been a comedy of errors.  Primarily in getting a new birth certificate.  But that arrived about three weeks ago - about six weeks after I requested it - and I sent it off for my passport about two and a half weeks ago.

When she was here, we "joked" - although I was kinda serious - that if my passport arrived before she left, that we would just pack up the car and go, and I'd leave this one horse town.

To the State Department's credit, they processed my application in record time - just over two weeks!

It arrived yesterday. 

Believe me, we did seriously consider it.  Well at least I did.  She has a sounder head on my shoulders (have I mentioned yet that she's smarter than me? She is...).  And tonight, I do wonder just what it is that is keeping me here...

I will probably be sleepless until she arrives in Seattle... Seeing her here and there... everywhere but really here in my arms. 

Hopeless romantic...


  1. nothing wrong with being hopelessly romantic

  2. It's not hopeless. We will have it all.