Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Teddy Bear Nursemaid

So, I've been in Canada about a month and a half, and my poor sweet baby has had two incidences of feeling sick enough or bad enough to stay home from work.  So I've had two opportunities to play nurse-maid to my sick baby.

And I must say I've done a smashing job of it.  I've discovered that the job is quite easy.

Let's face it: what we need most when we are sick is rest.  Sleep is the best way to allow our body time and opportunity to heal itself.  So, sleep is what my baby gets.  The first time she was sick - battling strep throat, she slept about 21 hours each day for about three days.  I did what any good partner would do.  I stayed with her while she slept.  And, um, slept myself.  It was, after all, a good way to allow my immune system to stay strong to avoid contracting the strep throat myself.  (I could post a gruesome picture showing the infection growing on her tonsil, but I imagine she'd rather I didn't...)

Today (er, yesterday?) my baby had a horrible headache when she woke, and I did what any good girlfriend would do.  I stayed in bed with her and slept while she slept it off herself.

Unfortunately, my friend insomnia decided THIS time to come visit me this evening.  He thought I'd had enough rest and sleep in the last few days, particularly considering I had gone to bed early the night before myself.  And so she sleeps now, in the middle of the night like she's supposed to, and I return to my old craft of blogging.  The lost art.

Because I am the teddy bear nursemaid.  I heal by allowing you (well, not YOU, but, the sick person who happens to be my partner) snuggle up to me like I'm your teddy bear, while we let Mother Nature do the hard work.  Who needs chicken soup (particularly when your baby IS a chicken, and there's all sorts of cannibalism questions there) when you can have rest and snuggling?


  1. I'm a nazi nurse, according to the bf when he's sick.. I force him to stay in bed and make sure he only eats chicken soup and juice.

    Tired of laying in bed? TOO BAD GET BACK IN BED!

    Too hot from the covers because you have a fever? TOO BAD YOU NEED TO SWEAT IT OUT!

    heh... maybe I should have been a dominatrix.

  2. Aw, this is such a sweet, loving approach to a sick partner.