Sunday, March 24, 2013


So, as we wind up the third month of the year, I have come to realize I have written less posts this YEAR so far than an average month last year. 

Kait takes the blame. 

But I don't know that I would blame her, although certainly, her presence in my life has filled up some of the holes that I used the blog to fill.  (Don't over-analyze that too much, I don't want to...)

Some of it, I will admit, is when I am inspired, I may be spending time with her, and it's not the same as spending time with oneself to pull away and write.  Like before I wrote that last sentence, which I had composed in my head, she put her head on my computer and smiled at me and suddenly all I wanted to do was close this window and kiss her.  Except she's been sick.  Or last night, when I was having this wonderful inspiration, but I didn't want to get out of bed to write it.  Not only didn't I want to wake myself, but I didn't want to risk waking her.

But frankly, that's as much an excuse as anything (except these last few days she's been home sick) because frankly I have five days - ALL DAY - when she isn't here.  When I would have plenty of time, to say, have a full-time job, let alone write a silly little blog like this. 

It's been two weeks, and I feel fairly at home here.  Kind of surprising but really kind of nice. 

Canada is still a foreign country, but I have lost track of how many hockey games I have watched - either in full or even partial while flipping (kindly) from some place else.  I am learning how to translate Celsius to get an idea - 10 degrees is now warm.  Still trying not to pay attention to the fact that there are 3.78 liters litres to the gallon and at $1.39 per litre, gas is OVER $5/gallon.  I have made it to the library.  Twice.  Getting a refresher in French by reading labels at the grocery. 

(Yes, by the way, there IS a Canuck's game on, so Kait is not paying as close attention to me as she might otherwise... Given the consolidated hockey schedule, I probably have EVEN more time to write, and there is even less reason to blame Kait).

But when I think about where I was a year ago... it is such a different place from where I am now.  I had no idea my life would change so much in such a short amount of time, but really, I give myself a break and recognize that this change was a long time coming.

I miss some parts of my old life.  Some people, mostly.  But I am happy here.  I am getting into routines (see my last post). 

Tomorrow - if she's feeling better and goes to work - I will try to reinsert this whole blog-writing thing back into my routines.  Because I still have things to say and share. 

Even if life (or Kait) gets in the way.... ;)


  1. It's not such a bad thing when it's good stuff that gets in the way of blogging. :)

    1. I'm with Ken... we can forgive you because you're happy... :)