Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love is Not Petty

Which is why I am out of breath from having quickly made the bed after having left it unmade all day out of pettiness.

See, I have no need on my own to make my bed - in case you haven't figured that out yet - but it is important to someone else.  It makes her day start orderly. 

When I sleep in - after she's left - I have made the bed.  I have written in here how it is an act of love.  But, I have learned to get out of the bed quickly when she does, hoping, expecting that since the making of the bed is important to her, she will make it before she goes. 

Which she has.

Until this morning.  She gave me an evil laugh as she walked out the door and said, "Yeah, I'm leaving it like that..."

To which petty me responded, internally, "Well, then, won't you be surprised when you come home and see that so did I?"

Luckily, I didn't say it out loud.  And she's not quite yet home.

Remembering that I had stated only last week that making the bed was a way of saying "I love you", and given that she said she started her day feeling bitchy, I decided it wouldn't be particularly nice of me to leave it and have her wonder, even for a millisecond, if I didn't love her...

And here she comes through the door... :)


  1. I've definitely been there. Usually I'm the one up first and out the door, though. I've finally decided I feel worse not making it than I do when I just bite the bullet and make the bed. Life is funny.