Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One Word At A Time...

A blogger friend of mine has this tattooed on his arm.  To remind him to keep writing.  Tattooed.  Permanent.  It's like he takes this writing thing seriously or something?  What's up with that?

I admit the last couple of months I haven't been taking the writing thing seriously.  I've written a whole 10 blog entries - well published a whole 10 blog entries - since March.  It's been a combination of things.

First, the easy excuse to lay down is that I have kind of moved (visiting, I swear, CIC, just visiting, but hoping to move) to another country.  I've left behind a good group of friends that I'd managed to develop - a community - over the last four years.  I drove 2600 miles (give or take) in a short period of time (like three and a half days), and have shacked up with my Twitter love.

Well, um, last weekend we made it official.  No longer just "shacking up", we married each other.

That's my second excuse.  Yeah... that's it. :)

But actually, that has been another issue.  Blogging - for me - sometimes is writing about nothing (that's what I promised you in the early entries!).  It's about taking something small and just writing my (ideally amusing) musings.  Shampoo.

These days, though, I'm not running solo, and I'm not talking about people who are anonymous and who have no idea that I'm writing about them.  Now, though, if I write about those endearing idiosyncrasies, I'm talking about someone that others who read this blog know.

I admit, that this has stymied me on occasion.  There have been a few blog entries gestating, gurgling, waiting to find their way to the surface, that I have squelched out of a sense of decorum.

But I need to remember my friend's tattoo (tattoo! Permanent! Still impressed by that) that I need to just write. One. Word. At. A. Time.  And I know that my love loves me, and if I write something gently teasing her, that she'll still know how very much I love her.  But I can also find many other topics of interest to write about too, and if I can't, then I need to get out into the world a little more.  After all, I'm in a whole new country - surely I can find something amusing to write to you about.

I'll try a little harder... One word at a time.  Thanks, Ken! :)


  1. What sort of crazy guy would go and put that on his arm? :)

    It's a completely new situation, I suspect the stories and you getting comfortable enough to tell them, will come quickly enough. word at a time. ;)

  2. I was going to say .. I've missed your writing since you've been up here. I completely understand your reasonings... but would love to have you back in the blog world. I've recently found my voice again, and I forgot how amazing it feels.