Monday, May 27, 2013

Trading Places...

So here it is. Daylight. On a weekday.  And I am wide awake and out of bed and my love still lies sleeping.  To be clear, she is the one who goes to work every morning.  And here in Canada, it is not a holiday.

Most mornings, even if I am awake before she leaves, I typically stay in bed until she leaves.  I do this, auspiciously, to stay out of the way of her morning routines.  While I say this tongue in cheek, it is actually a habit I developed during my year of living as a guest in other people's homes.

Let's face it.  In the morning you have certain routines you go about and do.  It's not that you're unmalleable, and you can't alter them to accommodate someone else, and perhaps even YOUR routines DO involve someone else, such as kids or even pets.  But you have a certain order of things that you typically tend to do from when you first open your eyes, to when you finally put your feet on the floor (or for some of you, there's just an instant second between the two), to when you pad towards the bathroom and begin your morning routine.  If someone else is in your bathroom, or in your kitchen, you need to make some adjustments.  Not unreasonable adjustments, but still...

I always felt it more respectful as a guest not to interfere with my hosts' morning routines. It wasn't that I couldn't insert myself into it, but most of them were heading off to work, and I usually wasn't.  Part of the reason I *was* a guest.

So, I'm used to hanging out in the bedroom out of the way, while my love does her morning routine.

THIS morning, however, I woke a good hour before the alarm even started going off.  There I was like a meerkat, bright eyed and bushy tailed looking around checking everything out, realizing that it was much too early for me to be awake and yet...

There I was.

So I did what any newlywed would do, I started to snuggle in closer to my wife, nudging her and kissing her and hoping, perhaps, she might enjoy a little morning rolling around before she had to go to work.  I mean what better way to start your day than to have someone wide awake make YOU wake up an hour early, right? I mean let's face it, I can take a nap later this afternoon on the couch, so what's there to lose? Oh, wait, yes, you mean SHE's not allowed to nap mid-day at her desk? Oh... yeah... well....

Actually, my poor girl gets killer headaches on occasion, and this morning happens to be one of those occasions.  Now wait! I can hear you now.. "Oh, only nine days into wedded bliss and she's already giving you the 'headache' excuse... Good luck with that one!" *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*.  Well... gosh.. when you put it that way... Well, thanks.  Way to make my day.  *sniff*

But seriously, my poor Poo is down for the count... and here I am bright eyed and busy tailed.  VERY unusual for me.  So, to be sweet to her, I decided to get up and head into the living room and WRITE about her instead.  Because isn't that what the wife of every blogger dreams of?

That's what I thought...


  1. this morning I got up and the kidlet was in the bathroom... and I REALLY had to pee.. so I completely understand what you're talking about.

    I WILL say that if I woke up one morning and the bf had made my coffee already.. I think I'd fall in love with him all over again.
    just sayin

  2. I have a feeling, your wife AND mine are probably subject material, a little more than they had ever really counted on being? :)

    Hope Kait gets rid of this headache sooner than later and you guys can get back to rolling in the hay! :)