Friday, September 6, 2013

Hidden Objects Game

So my wife and I were given an iPad as a wedding present, and we've been having fun exploring the opportunities available to us with this new powerhouse of technology and potential productivity.

What we've probably spent the most time doing, however, is playing hidden object games.  You know the ones, Mystery Manor and the like.  You go from room to room or area to area and you have a limited amount of time to find a particular set of objects.  Often these objects remain in relatively the same places, and sometimes they move around.  To suck you in, of course, they try to make it a little easier for you and keep things in the same two or three places so you have a chance at finding the objects.

Living with ADD, sometimes (and probably even without it) can be like playing a Hidden Object game.  In an ideal world, everything has it's place, so it takes you no time at all to find the hat on the ironing board, and for you to be ready to move onto the next thing.  But sometimes, things get tricky and they move around.  And you can't find them as easily even when they are sitting in front of your face.

Good habits teach us to put things back.  Life, however, often gets in the way.

So, for example, that hat that's usually in the closet next to the ironing board, if it doesn't get put back, could be anywhere within the apartment.  I know I wore it last night.  I wear it out sometimes when my hair is a bit of a mess - short hair, likes to spike up in all the wrong places sometimes.  Last night, in a brief lull in the thunderstorm we ran out to get pizza, and well, I wore the hat.

But where did I put the hat?  I'll tell you where it isn't.  It isn't in the closet next to the ironing board.  Nor is it on the couch or the coffee table, where it sometimes hangs out when it's not in the closet.  It's like one of those hidden object games.

I'm lucky.  Even though with my ADD I may play these games more often than others, I happen to have a wife who has a reasonably good memory. Definitely an above average memory.  And if I really needed that hat now to take down the pizza boxes, for example, to recycling, I could call her and ask her where it was.  She'd have in three guesses, I imagine.  The first would be the closet, but I might give her an early hint that it wasn't in there.  She might next think about the coffee table / couch, but she also might remember exactly where I was when I came back from bringing the soda up from her car, and where I put the hat when I returned.

It's probably on the soda.

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  1. I'm usually pretty good with hats. Gloves, on the other hand, is a whole different matter. Usually, all I know for sure is that I put them some place too high for the dog to reach.