Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Be Careful of the Internet...

You never quite know where random searching where your ADD whims might take you on the internet might land you.

I just found the obituary for a friend of mine who I happen to know is quite alive - just receiving texts from her, in fact - and the woman's surviving brother has the same name as her son.  Kinda gives me the willies.

Oh, you know how it goes.  You see one thing on FaceBook or Twitter, and your mind goes wandering, and then you start googling.  Google counts on it.

I don't spend as much time on my laptop as I used to, it overheats, and I don't use it for work or for viewing television any more.  So every once in awhile when I get on it, I do that old sport of random browsing.  I don't do much random browsing anymore - I tend to be fishing for specific answers these days when I pull out the iDevice (whether it be iPhone or iPad), rather than random strolling through the Internet.

But today I went looking for an old friend (a different friend, in fact) and there, as one of the results was the "images on the web", and there really was an image for her.  So I went to see if there were any images for me, and was surprised by what I found that actually did relate to me, but that's a whole different story, and then I decided to punch in my other friend's name since I noticed her FB posts are being broadcast to the world.

I did NOT expect to find her funeral notice.  Nor I am sure, would she, and I don't plan on telling her.  If it gave me the willies, imagine how she'd feel?

Just goes to reinforce that the Internet can be a scary place...

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