Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Blog Hole

There must be a blog hole out there. 

A place where us bloggers - once quite prolific - have seemed to have slipped into.  Well, not all of us, but some of us.  A place, you'd imagine, where we would all be sitting on a desert island somewhere, unlocatable by GPS, somewhere in Bermuda sipping Mai Tais.  I can almost imagine it, if it weren't for all the rain here in the Vancouver area.

I don't know what it is, frankly, that have caused so many of us collectively to lose our voice - or our expression.  Many of my favorite bloggers have gone quiet lately, too.  Some have written an "I'm back" or "I will be back" post in the recent past, but few have returned full speed. 

Maybe it was a wave we were all on.  Maybe Mercury is in retrograde - or whomever the God or Goddess of blogging might be.  (Well, of course, the Bloggess IS the Goddess of blogging, that kind of goes without saying...)

My wife feels bad.  That my life is so good, that I am no longer beleaguered by nagging posts that need to be written.  Frankly, it is true that I have found a live human audience to share much of my observations on life with on a day-to-day basis.  But I'm also not going out into the world so much, either.  I am not yet able to work, so I am conserving what funds I can by sticking close to home.  They think they can fool me by pricing their gas here by the litre and I won't realize what unbelievably astronomical price that gasoline is here in Canada.  But I can do rudimentary math.

The reality is that I am most often inspired - or the ideas for a blog post are most often going through my head - as I am trying to fall asleep.  More importantly, as she is trying to fall asleep, and as she is the bread-winner of the family, I think it important for me not to disturb her sleep.

But tonight I slipped away.  Not just because this blog entry was in my fingers, but what may become the next blog entry, too.  We'll see what actually gels and publishes. 

I have recently begun helping my nephew here academically, and one of the things I have been pushing him to do is write daily.  So, perhaps, in the spirit, I should regroup and begin writing here, again, on a more regular basis. 

I think, unfortunately, I am now down to only three of my regular Ukrainian readers, but hopefully news of the Borg will spread again, and those who used to come will return again.  :) 

I have missed you my friends. 

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  1. I'm still here! (non-Ukrainian reader) I may have mistakenly led myself to believe that the end of my harvest was the end of my work. Silly me! Anyways, I've been collecting some ideas, and since my wife quit her job to come work with me, my schedule has shifted somewhat, and my usual writing time is now spent having coffee with her.

    I've been collecting ideas, and I expect will sort things out soon enough. That is assuming anybody is even missing me.

    It was nice to see you pop up on my feed. Been wondering what you've been up to.