Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Everybody Poops!

(Sounds like the auspicious beginning to a children's toilet training book!)

But the reality is even if we don't want to accept it, everybody poops! We do our best to pretend we don't. Me, if I've been in a stall a particularly long time, I'll wait until everybody else leaves before emerging. I don't want them to see me and "know".

The worst part is the media. Many of us bring some sort of media into the bathrooms: books, newspaper, magazine, or smart phone/tablet. My ex and I had the magazine rack in the bathroom!

But again. We don't want to see it or know. Yesterday I watched a woman I know well head to the bathroom with a large book, and I admit I shook my head and thought: I don't want to know.

But everybody poops! I probably got too comfortable sharing with my ex, I'll admit. We used to show off our artwork - much like identifying shapes in clouds. However, outside of such an intimate relationship, and even inside of one, we really don't want to know that anyone else poops, nor do we want them to know that we do.

I don't know why that is, but for the most part I respect it without question.

This morning, though, I thought you all should know, I prepared the somewhat difficult exclamation mark!

P.S.  You can guess where this post was composed... :O


  1. I HATE it when people talk on phones in public toilets .... do you seriously need to talk while in there.. you can't wait til you're in the hallway??

    it's one of my biggest pet peeves.

    1. The only time it is acceptable, and even then, they should be on mute and not actually speaking, is if they're on an impossibly long stupidly long conference call and can't hold it... Even then, if you're holding an impossibly long, stupidly long conference call, you should take a bathroom break every couple of hours or so...

  2. U and ur ex looked at each other's poops???

    1. Well, no, but we'd always try and entice the other to come look.. Neither of us actually wanted to, nor did. We took the other's word for it. ;)