Friday, August 31, 2012

Seven Children by Eleven Daddies

Tonight on Maury Povich... Oh, wait, no.  Tonight at #wineparty, this was the Maury show me and another partygoer put together - 7 illegitimate children by 11 different daddies.  She came a little punch-drunk to the party - given that she was across the pond, and it was later, we understood.  Of course the Amish Swingers were discussed.  How else would she get eleven daddies?

The reality is it didn't really matter what time zone she was in (it was merely a convenient excuse), we never mind when people start #wineparty early or when they go late.  Even the next day sometimes.. there are frequent attempts to restart #wineparty on a Saturday.

This week's topics included the Blue Moon, the farting contest the dog I'm sitting with THINKS I started (and which she DEFINITELY finished!), the Labor day weekend and barbecues, one woman's "Got Wine" t-shirt being highlighted, husbands giving foot massages, and one #wineparty confession, even.

There was also a trend on Virgo babies, and speculating on what kinda holidays the parents had.... which when we started talking about holiday hide the pickle we kinda traumatized one of the birthday girls.  Ooops...

It's starting to wind down now... but the best part about #wineparty is that it doesn't matter how crappy my day or my week has been, these folks always seem to make me smile.  And what better way is there to end the week? 


  1. Amish parties and hide the pickle, I am two glasses of wine down,clueless, intrigued, and having to retype everything three times due to tipsy typing. Which means I am a new blog follower.

    1. Yay! Welcome! I hope you won't be disappointed!!