Thursday, March 1, 2012

Success? - UPDATED

Here's a picture of the Bloggess holding twine...!!! She's not collating paper.  She didn't send it to me personally, but isn't it close enough? 

For now, perhaps, I'll have to take it as close enough...


For those of you just catching this post, earlier this week I called out the Bloggess and asked her not to be a Nater-Tater, but to be a Wil Wheaton - and as the week progressed on be a Jeri Ryan (after all, this is the Borg Blog)- and to send me a picture of her collating paper while juggling twine.  . 

It's been an eventful week.  First I had to join Twitter.  Then I discovered she favorited me, and then she decided to follow me, too.

Yesterday, I posted 14 reasons she should take a picture, and here it is.

It's been an exhausting week!

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