Monday, May 14, 2012

Clark Kent

I wonder if there is a "superheroes" anonymous support group for Superman, Flash, Wonderwoman, Batman, and all the caped (and not-so-caped) crusaders?  I mean is there a support group for those who do one thing with part of their life as one identity, and then go about their regular lives in another identity.

I am very much myself.  I don't know how to be anyone but myself.  I'm not a pretender. I don't play games.   I've never really been in a closet, never had to pretend to be anything other than me.  I'm just me.  For better or worse.  I hope for better.

So, I find myself getting to know people as this "alter ego".  Which as I type my entries, I'm me, in my head, but I am hiding behind this secret identity.  And I have begun twitting, as you know, in this alternate identity, but I do not twit in real life.  Which doesn't make sense, exactly.

So I am starting to make connections as me.  Well, as the Borg Blog, which IS me, but isn't.

At some point, I may want to meet some of you in real life, or to have you know ME, as I am. 

I wonder if Jenny ever tried to hide behind The Bloggess, or if she gave up her identity early. 

I have some of my favorite bloggers following me here on Twitter.  I'm excited, because I enjoy their blogs.  But one of my blogger followers also knows Clark Kent.  We're actually starting to get a little conversation going, and a part of me wants to scream out to her that she is already following me as Superman, er, Borg Blog.  But I'm trying to keep the identities separate.  And it isn't as if she's shared HER real name with me.

I don't know how those superheroes did it.  I imagine the money from the movies helps them cope...

Eventually, I imagine, I'll end up disclosing my secret identity.  Particularly if I want a book deal like The Bloggess... Until then, just enjoy this caped crusader and be friendly to those around you.  One of them could be me.

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