Friday, May 25, 2012

dyke, insanity, relationships, romantic

These are the tags for the "Unfinished Masterpieces" entry and I can't help but look at those four words together and laugh.

Dykes DO have insane romantic relationships.  (Of course, so does everybody else, but, I can only speak from direct experience about relationships with dykes).

We also have romantic relationships with insane people.  (Of course, so does everybody else, ... )

Perhaps even pursuing romantic relationships is a sign of insanity to begin with.

But it is no coincidence that we describe ourselves, when in love, as being "crazy" about someone. 

And clearly those who have been hurt by others think that it's crazy to think that romantic relationships are worthwhile.

Whatever the case, while I'd like to think of "insanity" as the Sesame Street thing which does not belong, the reality is that it does. 

So be it.

Resistance is futile.

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