Thursday, May 17, 2012

Doh! Spell Check!

It is easy in these days of spell check to give crap to others - or at least think it - when we see spelling errors.  Use Spell Check!  Microsoft and other applications have tried to make it easier for you by making a red squiggly line so you don't have to open it and run it. 

Blogger makes you run it.

And even though I'm a former English major and should spell everything perfectly, I don't.

And sometimes, I forget to spell check!

Typos happen.

I'm human.

And I just realized that the footer I had added - and have since ideally fixed - had a typo, that I then copied and pasted over and over.  Ooops.

So try to remember to be kind when you come across typos.  We've been spoiled by those programs that send, literally, red flags to announce our typos to us, that we have become lazy, and blind. 

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