Friday, May 18, 2012

Sixth Sense

Yesterday's post Endings had a particular focus to it regarding "letting go" but even as I typed that opening line, I knew there was a whole other branch to discuss.  In the circumstances and scenarios described in yesterday's post, the end was there.  It was clear.  All that was left to do was to "let go".  But as I began, it isn't always clear when it is time to let go. 

I wrote a friend recently that it's a fine line between faith and foolishness, in particular reference to holding onto the hope of a relationship.  When our faith is "rewarded" we look good.  When it's not, it is quick to be dismissed as foolishness.  I don't like that the wisdom in these choices can only be decided in hindsight and based upon results, but even as I type that, I recognize there are a lot of situations where our wisdom can only be seen when what we anticipate comes to fruition. 

That applies to so many situations.  We have these sixth senses about things - or at least I do.  I have these feelings so strong on a subject for which I can't articulate the basis.  A fellow blogger I follow on Twitter (I'm getting versed, folks) wrote yesterday about having this bad feeling about something happening with her room-mate.  My understanding is that everything was fine (although I am waiting for confirmation) - so was she "foolish" for worrying? 

I don't think so.  Even though everything turned out fine, I think we have an obligation to ourselves to listen to these voices.  (Now you know why I seem to attract mentally ill women!).  But seriously, the statistics are that we only use 10% of the grey matter we carry around in our cranium.  But I think more is at work behind the scenes.  I think our brain takes in a lot of information we aren't even aware of and processes it behind the scenes and then spits out the results, if important, to the rest of our brain.

I think these output come out in various forms.  A sinking feeling.  Hairs standing up on the back of your neck.  Dreams. 

There is a television series this season that illustrates a computer version of this process.  Person of Interest on CBS.  There was this super computer / program / algorithm that processes all of the information everywhere.  All of the security camera data, all of the web data, all of the database entries that were accessible (and it was originally a government project, so it has high level access).  Everything.  And then, almost like that magic guru from the carnival machine, it spits out a ticket with a name on it.  The people who get this name don't have any other information as to why this person might be in trouble or involved in trouble, just that this person should be watched. 

I think our brains do the same thing as that super computer program. 

I think we're human, though, and we don't always understand the results or what we're supposed to do with them.  Some people refer to it as their gut. 

There are some religious folks - from a variety of faiths - who believe that God is within us.  And so, when we hear these voices, we might think we are hearing the voice of God. 

I admit the temptation is there, and that I do sometimes firmly believe that a message I receive strongly is from God.  That it is God telling me what I need to do or what I should do.  It is God showing me a purpose to whatever steps I am taking or about to take. 

But I find it hard sometimes to distinguish between God's will and my own.  Particularly when it comes to letting go.  But that, my friends, is another post.  Because it is a fine line between foolishness and faith. 

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