Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unfinished Masterpieces

For the most part, once I start writing here, I finish and hit "Publish".  I'm not an overnight draft-thinker.  You can probably tell that I don't agonize over every word, and polish this beyond shining to brilliant. 

So, when I look at my Blogger dashboard, most of the entries I've written are published.

Only four remain drafts.

And I think their titles are very instructive on a topic I've been trying to write about.  Here are the titles:

  • Love
  • Mental Illness
  • Choices
  • True Love or The One
I know looking above, you think it's one of those Sesame Street tests:  Which one isn't like the other. 

But unfortunately for me, all four tie together into the same topic. 

My big serious (we got married, after all) relationsihp that ended was with a woman who was mentally ill.  Unfortunately, we got to a place where my being there was more hurtful to her than my being gone.  It's a long story that the telling of wouldn't really add much more value here.  I still regret, though, leaving her, even though I knew I had no other choice.

It's been a few years since that relationship imploded, and I have continued to breathe, to live, to be.  I have even fallen in love again since then, although as is my luck, that person is unavailable.  I have also had a crush or two.  It is good to know that a broken heart can still function despite the wear and tear.

There is a lot of thought here -  a lot of meat to write about - in these inter-related topics. 

And maybe, some day, I will.. and I will hit "publish".

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