Saturday, December 29, 2012


There is an energy that exists amongst us all, at varying levels, connecting us to each other.  Whether it's the spirits of souls who have passed, God, or some other technological explanation, I firmly believe there is an energy which connects each of us.

And I think that love acts as a magnifier, an enhancer.  That when you love someone, the energy becomes stronger, clearer, and connects you even further.. magnifying the energy, and magnifying the love.

It's that connection you hear about between twins... That feeling you get when something happens to your other half. 

It is that connection that gives you that nudge sometimes to reach out to someone you may not have reached out to in awhile.

My 77-year old significant other, for example, went into the hospital the day before Christmas eve.  Her asthma was bothering her more, and it turned out she had pneumonia.  There we were waiting in the ER that Sunday afternoon for them to prepare her room to check her in, and her cell phone rings.  It's a friend, Nancy, whom she hadn't heard from in awhile, and even after they got off the phone, she kept remarking how ironic the timing was for Nancy to have called.  How dear a friend she's been, and how great it was to receive her call.

Somewhere that energy was at work between the two of them.  Somehow, Nancy got the message and knew to reach out and just that moment.

Now I'm not saying it always works all the time.  But I do think it exists.  I do think we need to listen, sometimes, to those little messages we get.  And take time to reconnect with those whom our energy still connects us. 

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