Saturday, October 6, 2012

Butt rubbing...

or.. Another #wineparty post...

It's been a few weeks since I've written a #wineparty post.  Not that it's been a few weeks since I was at #wineparty.  In fact a recent one was hysterical and I wanted to write a post, but I got tired too quickly, then there was soccer, and I think I was there late collecting money and counting it (and having the bank think I was a stripper) to write it the next day...

And then just as quickly as it happened, it was gone...

But it was good.  And you missed it.  Unless you didn't.. but now I don't remember it...

Tonight I had a lot of private and not-so-private conversations at #wineparty.  I was over in that corner behind the lamp, so some of you missed me. 

At one point, though, our hostess - Kit - @blogdangerously - asked if anyone would rub her ass because she was feeling sore from running.  Tonight, however, is a special night for Kit (although they're celebrating tomorrow) as it was her tenth wedding anniversary.  So, I told her, politely, that I would kiss it, but I wouldn't rub it, because let's face it, that would be foreplay, and it just didn't seem right to do that to her on her anniversary. 

And really, that almost died where it was - although I thought it was funny - until someone else accused me of causing trouble in response to another tweet that was, actually harmless.  This, also in response to our hostess, was about everyone moving and me stating that I wasn't.

Moi? Cause trouble? Nah.  Never.  I'm sweet.  I'm innocent.  I'm cube shaped.  And I didn't take advantage of our hostess, even though she invited such trouble. 

Then someone else wandered into the conversation and wondered if butt rubbing were the secret handshake. 

No, it would be butt shake, but that's a different direction, and I was polite enough not to say anything like that. 

See? I'm good.


Then another coming into the conversation late (and, of course, by this time our hostess had long since moved on to find someone else who might actually rub her ass (or I'm assuming that's what she went on to do...)) and I was, once again, explaining how polite and restrained I was.  And he responded with something silly like, "Haha and obviously she'd never be able to withstand your charms yeah?"  To which I responded (of course) "Duh!" 

Okay, maybe I was a bit rude there.

But otherwise, I was a perfect cube all evening.  Despite temptation.  I mean I can't tell you how long it's been since a woman invited me to rub her ass...

(Invitations can be sent to ;) )

Good night, folks.  As always, it hasn't been a dull evening, and it has certainly put a smile on my face!

THE FINE PRINT:  #wineparty is a registered trademark (oh, wait, not registered trademark... um....) of Kit of Blogging Dangerously  If you don't already read her blog, do.  It's hilarious, and #wineparty is her creation! 


  1. Replies
    1. Every Friday at 9 PM ET hashtag wineparty on Twitter...

      Four rules.
      1. You can drink anything you want at #wineparty
      2. Bras are prohibited. Random checks are encouraged (I don't take advantage of that rule... nope... ;) I don't perform random checks.. )
      3. Pants are optional.
      4. #wineparty is 21+

  2. Too bad I don't drink anymore, because #wineparty sounds like fun!

    1. Rule 1. You can drink anything you want. Water, diet Coke. Doesn't have to be alcoholic, and I rarely am drinking anything at #wineparty although a few times I've been to happy hour before. You're more than welcome!

  3. Haha, I was the fellow to whom you responded "Duh!" Which I didn't find rude at all! It was exactly the response I'd have given. :)

    Took me a while to get the cube reference... I get it now. Very clever. :D

  4. I love butt rubbing. I've been known to flash my boobies to other women. So what? Is that so wrong?