Friday, October 12, 2012


.. or lessons learned in my long experienced life.

Never tell someone else about something good that is *going* to happen.  There is no quicker way to f-it up then share it with someone else.

Maybe it isn't really bad luck to mention good things.  Maybe it's just easier to hide and ignore disappointments when you haven't been foolish enough to share your expectations or hopes about such things happening with someone else. 

Don't know.

All I know is the next time I have the potential for something good, something fun, I won't say a word - even a discreet word - to anyone else until AFTER it actually happens.


  1. I think the latter. It's less "don't f-it up" as you don't have to explain WHY it got f'ed up in the first place.

    1. Hey? Who said I f-ed it up? ;) Oh, wait I did in my superstition.. Gotta read my own work! ;)

      Things have just been a bit of a roller coaster lately. Been getting a lot of mixed messages about certain opportunities. In particular the job. Feeling a little frustrated at an inability to plan... One step forward, two steps back. But life will go on, and I will try my best to trust in God's plan for me. Yeah, that's it! ;)