Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sock Alley

I have been writing way too many serious posts lately, and think it's overdue to share something silly with you instead.

So, my bed is basically the width of my nightstand away from one of the walls.  And even though there's this wide open area on the other side to get in and out of my bed, for some strange reason, I find myself crawling into and out of bed closest to the wall, and end up sleeping more on that side-ish than on the other.  I kinda sleep in the middle of the bed, but lean more towards the wall side.

I'm sure those who love to analyze things could come up with all sorts of insights about this information - and some of you, intent on tracking me down, could use this vital information to pinpoint specifically WHO I am.  I worry about these things... Well, no.  Not really... but it's fun to tease some of you.

In the meantime... I used to be a person who would ALWAYS wear socks.  ALWAYS.  Even when I wasn't wearing anything else, and doing things, that, um, most people wouldn't expect socks to be worn.  I thought of it as my trademark.  Well, no, not really - but if women were trading notes about me, I'm sure that would have been one of the things they'd mention.  That, and a particular mole in a particular spot... but, I digress.

At some point in time, and I don't remember when, I stopped so religiously needing my socks on.  In fact, I frequently find myself pushing socks off in bed and kicking them to the bottom of the bed... It is guaranteed, then, that when you change my sheets, there will probably be a sock or two (okay, or more) in the sheets.  It's only been in the last few years that this has happened. 

Now, however, I have mastered the sweep kick.  You know the one.  The one whereby - either conscious or unconscious - I sweep my leg across the bottom of the bed, and kick out all those pesky socks that have been gathering.  I don't get them all.  But I get many of them.

For those of you new to the Borg Blog - I am single and I live alone, and I am NOT OCD tidy.  Not by a long shot.  I'm not growing cultures - well, at least not outside the fridge - and I would say that there is a greater percentage of floor space that is free and open than what is not.  Counter and table space - well.. I can't make the same claim.  But where I'm going with this is that, the picture I am painting, is that I'm not about to quickly pick up the used socks and put them into the hamper. 

So, the point is, that I noticed the other day that the space between my bed and the wall has kinda become sock alley.  There are socks of various colors (all the same size - they're all mine) strewn across the lane like leaves falling from trees in this space between my bed and the wall.

Yeah.  That's it.  That's the whole point of this silly post.  To share Sock Alley with you.

You are welcome.  ;)

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  1. Yeah, my Sunshine's socks always miss the laundry basket on my side of the bed, so it's sock alley there to. Are we related?