Monday, September 24, 2012

24 hours...

We've all seen the show (even if we haven't watched it) 24 where you can see how the world can be saved over and over again in just 24 hours.  A lot can happen in 24 hours.

And about 24 hours after I wrote that last post, a lot had happened.

First, the friend who I was afraid would gloat that she was right, most definitely did. 

Second - and maybe this wasn't immediately within the first 24 hours - the Love Boat episodes that I'd been watching on You Tube got pulled for copyright infringement.

Third, I forgot to clean my sink, already. 

But fourth, and I'm afraid to write too much at this point, a really promising possible job opportunity may have arisen at the place where I have been contracting. 

It is too soon to write too much.  At this point, it is an "internal" posting (that they let me respond to anyway) and folks have until this upcoming Thursday to respond.  But given that the owner of the company has expressed - in the past - an interest in hiring me, even though we couldn't figure out where - I am hopeful that this may end up being it...

Knock on wood.  Keep fingers crossed.  And we'll hope that this is what is best for me in this new and next chapter of my life.  If I don't get it, don't worry. I've perfected "Sour Grapes" mentality to understand that maybe it wasn't what was for the best for me. 

Either way.... I may not turn into a big blob of blubber after all.  Unfortunately, my sink may not get clean, either! ;)


  1. Cleaning sinks is overrated. Sending good juju at your job opportunity!