Friday, September 28, 2012


I have none. 

Interviews next week for candidates for the job opportunity, and a meeting that suggested that I'm not done with my contract, after all.  I knew there was more that could be done, but it's taken a LOT longer than any of us expected to get done what I have so far, and the original scope of time has now passed, and so I reasonably expected that they would thank me for my time and what I did manage to finish with it, and send me along my way.

It seems that they may not do that, after all, and we had a brief discussion about the next areas to tackle.  The assistant is going to talk to the owner and get back to me. 

So, who knows what happens next? Except I can feed myself for at least another week! ;)

Now... onto another post about a completely different topic...


  1. But you did all that shopping at Costco ;)

    1. Saving money is timeless! ;) Food is always good to have! No loss there! :)