Friday, September 14, 2012

Today is the first day...

Blah, blah, blah...

Although it's fricking true.  Still, blah, blah, blah.

I am at another, shall we say, "transition point" in my life.  The part-time contract that was supposed to be somewhat short-term and that I managed to actually stretch out for a full year - much past it's expiration date - is not-so-surprisingly coming to an end.

In the bigger picture, I know this is a good thing. 

And I know my friends are stuck providing me all the good trite sayings I would say to them in the same situation.  "Today is the first day of the rest of your life", etc., etc.

And I feel their pain.  I know that there is NOTHING they could say to me - trite or otherwise - that would necessarily penetrate this bubble of concern that is surrounding me.

Now, I'm not on full blown panic or distress (yet).  But I'm not exactly happy, either.

I have several months before full blown panic or distress comes in (not that I won't have my moments, mind you). 

One of the problems I have is that some of my contracts are open ended, so it's not always possible to prepare ahead of time for another one, because it's not always clear with the first one is going to end.  It took me eight months between the last one and this one to have more than a two or three week gig, and those were eight long months.  I made a small amount of savings stretch quite far.  I was quite impressed with myself, frankly.

But my savings going into this round, though, are a little less impressive because I had some serious dental bills at the beginning of the year.  So I'm nervous.

I try to have faith.  God and I are having quite a few conversations lately.  He's the strong silent type.  He knows anything he might say I'd probably respond "blah, blah, blah" to, much as I have been doing to my friends. But I am trying to have faith that when this door closes, another one will open.  Or a window (although it's starting to get chillier...).

I also know job hunting before Christmas is not always easy.  I've got an extra month or so jump from prior years when I've found myself in this situation, but I know once mid-November hits, I just have to hold on until January.  And I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. 

The problem with these transition points, as I so politely call them, is that it also calls into question other "life choices".  Now this can be a good examination, or a not-so-good examination.  It is good and healthy, as a general rule, to make sure you stop and examine if you are in the place (literally, figuratively, metaphysically) that you want to be in your life, and when certain obligations that have been keeping you in those positions release, to confirm you are where you want to be.  Those are good examinations, because if you're going to make big changes in your life, these are good moments to make them.

The trouble is that the flip side of that can be a little bit like Alice's rabbit-hole.  And it doesn't take much to slip into full-on crisis and doubt that everything you've done to get yourself to this place and everything that you're doing is wrong.  And that you aren't supposed to be here, and .. well... you can already see how the cycle can swirl out of control quite quickly.

And I have spent a considerable amount of this summer beginning to wonder if this is the place I should be.  Wondering if despite how much I *do* like small town life, if this isn't still a bit too small for me - or perhaps, at least, not as diverse for me as I might want.  Surely there are small towns in the world with larger lesbian populations <*cough* Oregon *cough*>.   Of course even those that are nearby seem a little too political for my taste... (picky, picky, picky).  But in late June when my landlord told me I might have been better off if the Poltergeist tree had taken out my house, I have been wondering what I would do if it had.  Where would I go?  Would I stay here?

The problem, then, with grand sayings like "Today is the first day..." is that while it's meant to be optimistic and full of possibilities, is that it is just full of possibilities. And they swirl in front of someone with no direction like a tornado.  (And tornadoes are not good around here, because they bring down the BIG ASS TREE onto my house, and well...)

My friends are stuck in a hopeless situation.  I want feedback, I want *something* from them in response to my growing fear, and yet, I know, my response to anything they might offer me is "Blah, blah, blah..."  I'll have answers to refute any of their good suggestions (not that they won't stick in my craw and gestate even after I refute them) and that I will be quite stubborn and frustrating.  Which is why God stays silent.  He knows that actions speak louder than words.  Right, big guy? *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
"Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago.  Watch for the new thing I am going to do.  It is happening already - you can see it now!  I will make a road through the wilderness and give you streams of water there."  (Isaiah 43)
I have carried this in my wallet for three years. 

Today is the first day....


  1. Hmm. I don;t want to sound trite either but I'll just say...well crap I'm a bad "cheer up" person cause I've been unemployed for 16 months. But I worked in education. I'm now looking to any field via a temp agency and things look up. I ended up moving from a smal town (10,000, remote) to a bigger one (50,000, suburban). Now I can at least go to the store without planning a half-day excursion. During my time off, aside from battling my propensity to delve into depression and get cabin fever, I read a lot, blogged a lot, and did soul searching. Joy.
    Nor. Cal has lesbian populations or friendly populations but its basically Oregon. Central Oregon is much more conservative and my mom's neighbors are a lesbian couple and love it there.
    Anyways I'm just a follower of your blog, rambling incessantly here,,,

    1. Yes, ironically rambling incessantly, while I'm across the street reading your blog about your temp situation and going, "Gees, that sounds familiar".. and cracking up over you rescuing the cat in the street (or yard) on all fours, baby in hand...

      Glad you do like me sober, too (see my comment to YOUR blog!)..

      Ah what a love fest! ;)

      Thank you!

    2. Oh, for others, here's one of her blog entries that made me crack up! Check her out!

      (it probably won't be a link... don't be lazy, just copy and paste it into your browser (another window, of course, you don't want to leave my blog just yet!))

  2. Thank for promoting me, sober or not.
    Hey I had to kill some back pain somehow and was out of tylenol :) So just to clarify I'm not normally three sheets to the wind. Although I am part Irish... and Flogging Molly does sing a good song about that.
    Again, thanks for promoting me!

  3. Hi, I like what you write. But it's kind difficult understand completely your ideas because english is not my language and you express a lot, a translate would be so nice :)

    Be positive but realist as well, don't propose unreachable goals, step by step, ejoying and learning what you are working is good. This is my blog it's in spanish but has a translate gadget, hope you read it :)