Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There is such a thing as too many pictures...

Alt. Title - Where are all the forty-something bloggers who happen to be lesbians? 

Surely I'm not the only one.

Just tapped into a cache of lesbian bloggers, and I admit, I have a headache.

Mostly because the last one I looked at was WAY too flooded with pictures.  It's good to know that we come in many shapes, sizes, piercings, tattooings, etc., (although not a lot of variety on age, there, but... ), but to post a blog where you write two or three sentences, and then post a picture that is not at ALL relevant to what you're writing about and then repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, (repeat 40-50 times) gives ME a headache.  I'll speak for myself.

Now mind you, I don't post that many pictures.  I trust (pray, hope, beg) my words to engage you.

Seriously, I have a headache....

... and this most recent one only posted about once a month, but she talked about 18 different topics in a single post.  I guess she had a lot to catch up on.  So there's this pinball machine like shifting of topics flooded with pictures that are just there to be pictures of lesbians (again, good to know we come in every flavor...).

My limited advice to bloggers: 

1) If you illustrate your blog, don't over do it, and make sure the illustrations are relevant.  A picture may be worth 1000 words, but make sure those words have something to do with your point, your theme, your post.

2) Make sure your posts - for the most part - have a point, a theme, a purpose, a goal, a unifying principle.  It's okay to randomly ramble on occasion - Lord knows I probably do more than I realize - but think about whether what you're writing might be better as multiple posts, rather than a single post. 

That's it.  I'm done with my rant / ramble / advice-giving-while-done-with-a-headache-so-take-it-with-a-grain-of-salt post. 


  1. Well put! Was looking for advice on this very subject before I start my first blog and this has really helped...

    Thanks! :-)

    1. Glad it helped! Good luck with your blog! Feel free to come back later and share it!