Saturday, September 8, 2012

Inane Blog Posts

Every once in awhile I happen to be one of the earliest responders to one of Jenny's blog entries.  This always results in a flood of traffic for people to check out what was my latest blog post. 

Unfortunately, typically, my latest blog post isn't always that exciting.  For example, my Twitter Jail Again post was short and sweet and basically a way to get the message out to folks at #wineparty last week that I was out of commission.  Like that girl who steps outside to vomit after drinking too much and you wonder where she went.  Well, sorta like that.  I've only gotten drunk enough to throw up once.  And that, after all, was in college, and not entirely my fault. 

I would be curious to hear how readers would describe my blog if they were mentioning it to a friend.  I think it is a combination of some heartfelt life lessons and experience and with quite a bit of humorous enjoyment of life as well.  There are, for example, shower posts - those posts that come to me in the shower and might be so silly as to explain how it is that I can determine whether or not I've shampooed (strawberry scented shampoo, btw).  There's the Sticks & Stones series that has actually stuck with me quite a bit, and I've returned to at various times when I'm upset. 

And then there's the #wineparty posts.

I am certain that many of my blogsphere / Twitter friends tune into my blog on Saturday mornings to find out the latest hijinks from #wineparty.  (Because I like to think *I'm* just THAT special!)  I mean "amish big boob sex "was one of the searches that tracked down my blog this week, and so the #wineparty hijinks draw lots of folks. 

The truth is that my two top sources of readers can all usually trace back to either Jenny or Kit.  Two wonderfully wonderfully impressive and enjoyable bloggers.  (And frankly, I think I found Kit through Jenny, soo... it all traces back to The Bloggess).

But really, I owe a debt of tremendous gratitude to Kit for the success of my blog, and for the amusing success of my #wineparty posts. 

Because #wineparty is her creation.  I just sacrificed myself and re-read the beginning of her blog to find her first post about #wineparty and confirmed it was also her first post about Twitter Jail (technically: The Sex is Good in Jail).  You're welcome.

If you read the post (which I highly recommend you do) she suggests it as a much more effective alternative to #FF (Follow Friday) - which I admit I suck at!  Good thing is I'm pretty good at #wineparty.  It's easy - get enough drunk people in one place and I seem pretty funny.  Check out the most recent comment to Seven Children by Eleven Daddies from earlier this morning for further proof.  ;)

Unfortunatley, I was exhausted last night and tried to sack out before #wineparty started - so no amusing stories today.  Of course I couldn't sleep, and briefly made an appearance afraid I was going to fall asleep at any moment, and, um, didn't.  One of my IRL friends even texted me at one point, but wanted to make sure she wasn't interrupting #wineparty.  I'm sure she's one of those regular Saturday morning viewers living her life vicariously through my Twitter experiences (NOT!). 

Anyway... in the shower this morning, I was thinking about how the most inane posts are the most "recent" whenever I comment to Jenny... and I was thinking about how you folks might be looking for your vicarious #wineparty fix (don't be lurkers, join the fun), and I was thinking about how it'd been a week and I'd written nothing.  At least nothing published here. 

And that, my friends, is what lead to this rambling post.  You're welcome.  Enjoy!


  1. I read from your plain twitter and find your insights intriguing. (I skip the #wine party posts). Although, I found you through the Bloggess book club!

  2. I think a lot of my traffic came from The Bloggess too initially ... and wagthedad, becky and a couple others. Jenny really has brought us all together.

  3. LOVE #wineparty I found you, Kit, and loads of 1 Aussie and 2 UK mums from the Bloggess. I'm really glad I did!