Friday, September 14, 2012

Twitter is rarely boring...

... but if you've found my blog, you probably already know that.

Now, admittedly, some of the more, um, graphic pictures suit certain tastes.  And some of those can be amusing, too.  Some of those can cause you to hurl.. so be careful.

But that's not really where I was going.

No, in fact, I was going to Sam's Club to pick up reinforcements for the soccer concessions stand. 

And I took all of my Tweeps with me. 

God bless 'em.

They advised me AGAINST the 850 gumballs.  Towards baking supplies with which I have no idea what I would do.  They taste-tested Pumpkin Fudge with me.  Encouraged me to indeed get some good basic spoil-proof staples (including snacks!!) for burrowing in for the winter. 

Generally made me laugh while I wandered aimlessly through the club store by myself. 

Which was appreciated.  Except for concessions, I really haven't had much need as a single gal without two dogs and two cats and a house with plenty of room to store 620 rolls of toilet paper to go to warehouse club stores.  Before, when I had all of those things and a spouse to go with, we used to play "Price is Right" at the checkout to see who could get closest to the total without going over.  Before, I had someone to bounce off whether it really did make sense to get the 200 ounce bottle of something we used once every six months.  Not that she didn't egg me on a little.  But warehouse club stores are much more fun when you have someone with whom to share them, and the things you purchase.

So thank you, Tweeps.  For $60, I purchased many more meals to have in reserve as needed than I ever could at the grocery store.  I will not starve this winter. Maybe by spring, but not over the winter... ;)

(No nuts, though.. dykes don't like nuts.  That's why we're dykes.... Okay.. so that's not true, but it's fun to say!)


  1. I wish I had been on twitter for the event, it just sounds like fun. As a matter of fact, you have given me an idea to make my next warehouse run more enjoyable, and for that? I thank you very much!

  2. I take it you stocked up on tuna, then? :-P

    1. No, I do NOT have the cat, so I did not stock up on tuna... (I'm ignoring your other entendres, and also playing right into them all at the same time :p back atcha!)