Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A sheepish "Ooops!" and post #200


So, as I wrote in the last post, the final issue that tipped me over to getting the iPhone replaced was the difficulty I was having with listening to music even though I had hit shuffle on the playlist, it kept repeating whichever song I was on over and over.  And I was frustrated that I couldn't turn off the iPhone to reset and reboot the problem.  That THIS was what finally made me do something. And then, the next morning, after it had been rebooted, having the problem continue was what led to my brief (let's humor me) rant that I posted.

Today, the new iPhone arrived. Rather the new-old iPhone. And I kept my tweeps informed minute by minute as I awaited the restoration of my old phone's data onto my new phone, and the status of pictures, music, apps, etc.  It was very riveting stuff.

But, finally, I get it mostly configured the way I want it.  As best as it's going to get for now, and I decide to try out the speakers, and play a song from the music library I have downloaded onto my iPhone.

And the f-ing song repeats. Swear to God.  WTF? I mean this stupid bug must be with the system, or some virus, or.. oh.. wait... if I click up near the name.. What's that? Oh.. the controls for shuffle and repeat?  And, what is that? the phone is on repeat 1?


Well.. I needed to get myself a new phone anyway. 

This is my 200th published post (there are several unpublished ones).  I am grateful, like sheep, you all continue to follow me... Baa-aa-aaa! 

Stick around and share with your friends. :)


  1. *facepalm!*

    We've all done things like that. Thankfully they make good post fodder. :)

    Congradulations on your milestone post.

    1. oops........Congratulations.

    2. Yes. I figure we have to have something to tease ourselves about and generate sympathy on the part of the reader! Thanks for the congrads, er the congrats, too! I'm kinda impressed with myself - I wasn't sure when I started if this would take, and it clearly has. :) Yay me!

  2. When I was reading that post I was going to ask if you had it on the song loop.... lol. Oh well as you said you needed a new phone anyway. :)

    1. It's the question I would have asked - but I couldn't see that part of the screen that showed it, and I was befuddled, apparently, on how to bring it up and what to do. Senior moment, I guess... Yes, I needed a new phone anyway, and once I realized I couldn't turn it off, that was the last of it for me. I had also scratched up the back camera pretty severely, so I am really happy to have a functioning camera on BOTH sides again! Small things!

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    1. Thanks. A fellow blogger wrote a really great How To on how to do it. I'm lucky! Send her an e-mail and create fodder for her blog. Win-win!


      (unfortunately comments don't make links, so you'll have to copy and paste it to make it work!)