Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's all good!

My last post just now, I'll admit, was a little sad.  But the really good news is that it is just a moment.  I do miss her - we used to talk nearly every day for at least an hour.  But I am broken of that habit.  And I have grieved.  And today, it seems, I am letting go.  It is a good thing.

I am finally emerging from the grief.  It's kinda cool to be able to step aside and look and see.  The grief over losing her as my best friend, and the grief of my ex-wife. 

I've had my period of mourning.  And I have had a period of healing. 

Am I perfect? Well, no, of course not.  Will I have moments? Yes, of course I will. 

But a great weight has lifted.  This last month and a half, I have felt better.  I have felt energized.  I have felt.. well.. a lot of things. 

I have no idea what is ahead of me now.  But I am ready, today, to admit that these other things are behind me.  They are no question a part of my life.  But they are in the past.  I am ready for the future. 

It's all good, people.  All good. 

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  1. Hoorah! I am so happy to read this post!!