Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anonymity - Revisited

So, I continue to struggle with this issue.  I'm making new friends on Twitter - some of whom say that they feel strange calling me "Borg" (I don't understand why?) and want my real name.  And then there's my friends from real life who wonder what I'm up to, and I want to share with them that I have this crazy life on Twitter that I'm enjoying, and I am working on this increasingly popular anonymous blog.

(Okay, maybe "popular" might be a stretch, but it's "popularity" IS increasing... I have Blogger stat charts to show!!)

Today, I took a leap of faith, and told another IRL friend about the blog.  She doesn't live in the small town, so she won't recognize all of the characters... Most of the stuff she already knows about... But, still...

This balancing between two worlds is kinda weird and fragile. 

But if I hope to be as popular as Jenny, one day, and have that book deal and all, that wall will eventually come crumbling down.

Just not today...


  1. I definitely hear you. I've done the same thing, and it's always tempting to tell my friends to go and read my post, but... I've done fairly well maintaining my anonymity.

  2. I have my normal blog, as well as one for beer only, one for D&D stuff, one for a web comic I write, AND an anonymous one... can't tell you much about that though. :)

  3. OMG!! I am so excited to get a shout-out as your IRL friend!! And, on the first day that I am allowed access into the BB world. Of course, i may not be THE IRL you are referring to but probably because it is all about me;) Keep up the good-write