Friday, July 6, 2012

#crankypants and #wineparty confessions...

For those of you don't already know, every Friday at 9 PM Eastern on Twitter, there is a #wineparty.  Just go to hashtag wineparty to join us.  Check out my label there on the right for #wineparty to read more about it.  Clearly it has become a recurring theme / subject for me.

Well, I started off the evening as Ms #crankypants before #wineparty began.  If you doubt me, you can ask @inelegant_life, and I'm sure she'll fill you in on the details.  (Except, I'm about to fill you in on the details, she can confirm them...). 

Just before #wineparty started, I reached this point where EVERYTHING practically was getting on my nerves.  I had gone grocery shopping earlier (a whole other post about eating healthy while being poor should be written at some point) and decided to get out of my comfort zone and buy some chicken to cook.  I wanted a garlic marinade, but the only one I found had lemon and I didn't want that.  So I bought some barbecue sauce and planned on having a relatively decent dinner (for me) tonight. 

Took a nap.  Was a bit too cranky to cook at first.  But eventually convinced myself it was the way to go.  So, I start looking up recipes - as it's been years since I made chicken myself, and wanted to see my options.  Everything I find, practically, suggests breading.  Well, no breading, so tough. 

Decide I know enough about chicken to wing it (ha!) on my own (they weren't wings, but....) and start to pull out the bag to put the marinade and then chicken in.. Got the bag.. got the chicken.. SHIT, where's the marinade?  Yep, check my receipt, it was on there.  Go check the other bags (with non-perishibles - toothpaste). Nope.  Go back out to the car. Check under seats. Nope. 

And NOW I have bed-head.  So I don't want to go back out. 

NOT end of world.  But beginning of crankiness. 

Then my neighbor out back has somebody stop by (thank god somewhat briefly) who decides to play their car radio loud enough so that everyone can hear it with their hearing aids turned down (there's a reason he put a sign above his garage that says "Asshole's Garage".. and apparently so are his friends!).  In the end, it wasn't a loud party, but I was cranky at that. 

And I'm sure there was something else that rubbed me the wrong way.  NOT a great start to #wineparty - particularly two weeks in a row. 

Fortunately, my twitter friends did NOT let me down. 

First there was a nip-"slip" by InsolentWanton (thank you, dear!) and it went uphill from there pretty quickly.

Now I've gotten better at mastering #wineparty with HootSuite, so I had my "fav-friends" list on the left column, mentions in the middle, and #wineparty on the third column. 

One of my friends on the left mentioned how her husband was a douchebag.  I proposed the appropriate solution, come visit us at #wineparty.

Now, I'm not exactly sure how that SIMPLE exchange became the basis for #wineparty confessions, but I know that biting and nibbling were involved. 

And with that, this post is long enough, and I'll start another one for #wineparty confessions.. ;)

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