Friday, July 27, 2012

Ill-Fitting Sheets

The nicest sheets I have for my bed are ill-fitted.  That's because I took them with me when I fled my home, and my wife and I had a queen size bed, and now I sleep in a hand-me-down double bed. 

I have spent much of my evening, after coming home from Job #2, waiting for my sheets to finish their circles and cycles in the washer and dryer.  As I now crawl into my freshly made bed, I know the wait was worth it.

But as I was making my bed, and tuckng in one really long end on the side I don't typically sleep on so it will stay secure, I thought about how this was quite the metaphor for my life.  At least at the moment. 

The nicest things I do have in my life are often quite ill-fitting.  But I do my best to make do with them.  Because I don't want to give up some of the "fineries" in my life.  But also because many of the things are hold-overs from a previous life. 

I admit, I'm a little cautious at poking this, er examining this, insight too far.  And don't get me wrong, these sheets aren't that special - I got them on sale at Linens 'N Things nearly five years ago now. 

Yeah.  Maybe for now it is enough to observe the phenomenon.  Not quite yet poke too hard at it.  But it is quite possible I will return to this thought.  Maybe not here, but perhaps as I move forward, I might acquire for myself some properly fitting nice things.  I might spoil myself in the now, rather than making do with the spoils of the past that don't fit the present.  Maybe. 

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  1. this slumbering beast will wake itself when it is time for it to rise. until then, no poking necessary. this is actually very insightdul, you know. many people are far too afraid of the slumbering beast within to be so self-aware. many hugs!