Sunday, July 29, 2012

Erotic Dreams of... laundry...?

So this morning, before waking up, I'm having this dream.  It's me and my ex-wife.  Apparently, at some level we've reconciled and are talking to each other, because at the point of the dream I remember first, we're taking off each other's clothes and beginning to be intimate. 

It's been awhile for me in real life, so I'm sitting there thinking this is nice.  And then, quite early on before much of anything has really happened, I get all giddy inside the dream and pull myself away, and laugh.  (Really smooth, Borg.  Really, smooth.  But wait, it gets better).

So, of course, I feel obligated to tell her what's made me so giddy and happy.  (I swear this was my TRUE unembellished dream).  She's asking "Whaa-a-at?"  To which I tell her, "You know what one of the great things about us getting back together is?  You doing the laundry again."

And I wonder why I'm single...


  1. Bahaha! And wow, I wish my better half would do laundry!

  2. Wow... sounds like something I'd say.

    Also, I just said this on Twitter, but, I've definitely been assimilated. Love it!