Saturday, July 21, 2012


So, I have come with a new analogy for this balancing act I am doing - or trying to do - with being anonymous here. 

I have decided it is like one big game of Jenga, and each time I tell someone I meet as BorgBlog my own true identity - or facts, even, that are greater and more significant or identifying than I have published here, I pull out a piece like a big Jenga game.  And each time I tell one of my IRL friends that I'm doing an anonymous blog, or even more, show them the blog, I pull out another piece.

Early on, Jenga is easy.  You can pull out lots of pieces without the whole thing crumbling down.  But there comes a time - there always comes a time - when you pull out one piece too many and it all comes crumbling down.  I'm not there yet.  I've only pulled out four or five blocks, but with each block I know I am only getting closer to the point when it all may crumbling down.

The last two Friday nights I have missed #wineparty in favor of #happyhour.  Half price drinks and appetizers at the local Applebees with a friend of mine.

And last night, I pulled a Jenga piece and told her about my blog.  We went back to her place to hang out, and it was fun, I admit, to watch her peruse through the blog on her iPad and watch the expressions on her face, hear her laugh, and share something that has become an important part of my life with her.  Even watching her as she made a sad expression on her face, pushing out her bottom lip, at the end of reading P.S. I love you (one of my favorites - an oldie but goodie).  She had a hard time believing that all those entries on the right there were written by me.  Once she started reading, of course, I'm sure she recognized my voice. 

It was amusing as I'd say, "Read x" next.  Or she'd browse on her own, and I'd say, "No, you have to read this one first..."  She was amazed (I'd like to think) at my knowledge and quick reference to the various entries from my blog.  Although there were still a few occasions when she'd ask me about some obscure reference I have no memory of writing, and I'd have to remind her I'd written 140 entries - I can't remember them all.  (There's that inconsistency thing).

This block will not make the whole anonymity come crumbling down.  She is one who has kept my secrets for years... But one day, I will pull one too many pieces. 

But that's okay.  When I do, I'll just take Jenny The Bloggess' path, and publish my own book!  ;)


  1. Awesome post! We struggle with this too. We have a mommy blog and the "other" one. It's definitely a slippery slope. But when you're all rich and famous and stuff, it won't matter. ;-) Sounds like most people prefer to be anonymous (mostly). I love how people who don't blog trash you about blogging and wouldn't take the time to read it anyway. I say block them. Stop by some time and say hello. or the other one on my Twitter profile.

  2. I tried to be somewhat anonymous .. but then I realized that I set up the blog with the same email that I use for ALL my stuff...


    oh well... it's not like I'm writing anything super offensive.. unless people are offended by vagina talk... oh wait.. damnit.

    good luck!

  3. I suck at anonymity, which is why my blog was anonymous for like a day. There are times I think of starting another. One that truly is anonymous, because there is so much I can't say. There is so much I've had to delete. But anonymity takes work, and getting an anonymous blog out there without outing myself would be more work than I'm capable of right now. So, I'll stick with what I've got.

    And I agree with Lucy, this was a great post!

  4. I have creepy voyeuristic college and high school students that look me up. I try to use my maiden name and hide but word gets around. Students are so curious about the private lives of teachers! We are so interesting, or at least I am.