Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Silly Shower Post

After no-one looked at my two last serious posts on therapy, I figure it's time I mix it up with another silly post. 

So raise your hands if you've been in the shower (and likely more than once) and stopped and wondered if you had washed your hair yet. 

Yeah, I thought so.  I knew I wasn't alone. 

So, this has been a problem that I've had for several years.  Generally, my solution has been that the first thing I do when I get in the shower is to wash my hair, but lately, I've added my morning teeth brushing to my shower, so that happens first and can throw me off.  (Hey, silly posts sometimes are just silly, and TMI... ).

My latest, trick, however, has been sweet scented (strawberry to be precise) shampoo.  So recently, I found myself in that moment again wondering if I had shampooed.  Sniffed.  Smelled strawberry.  Good.  Done.  *whew*

Okay, back to more serious stuff...

I posted the ninth comment in response to Jenny's (The Bloggess, but I like to think of her as my friend, Jenny) recent post.  At the time, this was my most recent post, so I anticipate a lot of new traffic coming here from there... I probably should have written something brilliant first HERE, and then posted in response to her post, but I have no time machine, so this is the post you've found!

Um, don't judge me JUST on this post, 'kay?  Look around. A good place to start is my post Welcome Lawsbians which will lead you through the story where Jenny posed with twine just for me! Check it, and me, and this blog out! 


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  1. Strawberry scented shampoo! That's brilliant!

    I admit, I've got a shower routine that sometimes fails on auto-pilot mode and I find myself wondering whether I just rinsed shampoo or conditioner out. So I lather, rinse, and maybe repeat.