Saturday, June 23, 2012

Welcome Lawsbians!!

After the last two nights of live Bloggess Book Club (and accompanying twit chat) I have a few more followers today who are fans of The Bloggess. 

She is so great!  When she reads her book, I admit, it is in the same voice - lilt, expression, dry wit that I hear in my head read her blog. She is great!  Last night she read the chapter about the colon cleanse.  One classic line I still remember in my fuzzy haze this morning is when the pharmacist reminded her that her anti-depressant pills are supposed to go in her mouth.  You'll have to read the chapter yourself to understand the context and how funny that is.  Just trust me. It is.

One Lawsbian last night (that's the name for us fans of Jenny, and I think it's great because of the pun, and well, I'm also a lesbian.. (in case you haven't gotten that far in my blog yet, start with So who am I?)) was perusing the site, and particularly upon the one link I had sent her Success and got ahead of the story where I talk about my success in my crusade to get Jenny's attention.

Let me give you the background, and then you can click on any of the links I provide below, or even better yet, click on the label to the side there, that big one that says the bloggess, and read from beginning to end. 

I started this anonymous blog with a bang in February.  Like anything when we start a new project (particularly when you have ADD) it's never quite clear whether you will actually make a go of it or if your energy for it will peter out.. (Raise your hands, fellow bloggers, if you've started a blog, and it's been a little while since you've posted...?)

Having an audience - I can confirm - gives you additional energy.  Writing for yourself and your dog, and your best friend Robin (because you don't want to tell anyone else you're writing it, because it would defeat the purpose of an anonymous blog (a whole other theme, look at the anonymity label)) is hard.  You have little feedback.  You feel like you're talking in an empty room, and after awhile, it's easy to wonder what the point is and think you're just a wee bit crazy. (although I know I am crazy - there's even an insanity label over there, but I don't remember what I used it for, so I'm afraid to direct you there.. )

So, a few blog entries before I hit my 25th post, I had this wonderful inspiration to get The Bloggess' notice, because if I could get even a a teeny weeny percentage (0.001%) of her readers (and this was before the book hit the stands), it would be a HUGE boost to my readership.  This was about the time she was calling out Nathon Fillion, and coined the term Nater-Tater.  So, I thought the theme of where she was fit perfectly, and so I ran with it on my 25th post (a celebration of making the milestone) and Called out The Bloggess and told her not to be a Nater-Tater and to send me a picture of her collating paper or with twine - that she could understand how much it would mean to me, as Nathan meant to her. 

Robin is a recovering Twitter addict.  And despite the personal danger to herself, she helped me use that little app that came with my iPhone to join Twitter.  (And now I'm a Twitter-crack addict  - I should have heeded the warnings) and so my first tweet was to The Bloggess (thank you, Robin, for teaching me the ways) with a link to my post! 

You'll have to read the posts as they were written from here to see what happened.  But in Success you'll see I have my picture of The Bloggess with twine, and regardless of whether it might be true, I like to think she posted that picture for me.  Even if she didn't acknowledge it on her blog.  I still choose to believe that!  ;)

Welcome to my blog.  Look around.  Explore.  Get to know me.  I have a lot of different things on here, and hopefully, beyond simply our affinity for The Bloggess, you'll enjoy my writing and my stories.  Oh, and tell your friends.  There's little "share" buttons and stuff.. And start populating my comments.  Your comment is MUCH more likely to be read and responded to by the blog writer HERE than if you write on Jenny's page, so come get your fix for attention here.  ;)


  1. I've actually decided The Bloggess is very much like Nathan Fillion. While I think she's quite funny and still periodically read her blogs, I'm not nearly as enamored of her as I was before I realized this. Redneck Mommy is another I think of in a similar way. I mean, I get they're so incredibly popular that the little people don't matter anymore, but they've basically become Nater-Taters.

    1. I'm not sure I agree. But I don't have that much experience other than the earlier attempt at trying to get her attention. I think, to be frank, the book publishing and all of what has come with that - tours, etc. - have probably completely overwhelmed her. There were 280-300 of us online listening to her web Book Club, and she was very personable to us. Took questions from the chat, and appreciated us as her "tribe".

      According to Twitter, today, she has 247.8 thousand followers. It is hard to give individualized attention to all of them. But I don't think her inattention to individuals is deliberate. Whereas it appears that Nathan Fillion's non-responsive is an informed choice.

      It is tough when we relate so well to someone - when it feels like they're writing just to us - to not be able to have a personalized relationship with them. To know that they "hear" us when we talk back to them. I mean a post she made less than 24 hours ago about Trolls already has 318 comments. I've had about six new ones and it's still taking me days to respond.

      So, remember that she's human just like you.

      (Yes, that is correct, I am setting you up for the time I become big and famous and have no time for you! *smile!*)

    2. Yeah, check out this link. This girl has written a total of 23 entries (well, maybe 22, because this one is a vlog), and if you get half way through the vidoe, you'll hear how excited she is that the Bloggess is now following her.

      If you can get past the scariness of her driving and vlogging..

      No, The Bloggess is not a Nater-Tater..

  2. lol! I love the twine on Jenny's head. You know that must have been for you. I'm sure she must still love her little people.