Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Married Women Like Breasts...

It's true.  I've had a handful of married women* tell me somewhat recently about how much they like breasts (because more than a handful *would* be a waste).  It's this pattern that I've noticed, and I must admit, my basic reaction is this:  "Good, because I do, too, and by the way, I have two.." (thinking really, completing that sentence, "I have two you can play with...", but I keep that to myself until I have more information...)

I just find it amusing, and so I had to share.   I admit that I have tried to use this information with varying success.  I hate to admit - because someone will call me on my line - that I have asked more than one of them what it is they like about breasts, hoping that the conversation might take me, er, us somewhere fun.  I mean what are you supposed to say to a woman who tells you she likes breasts? It wasn't like below I *asked* them first.  It was information that was just volunteered to me - I figure they told me for a reason, right?

So, if there are any other married women out there who want to share with me how much they like breasts, they can be bold and comment below, or even bolder and send me a private e-mail.  Just be aware, I might ask you what it is you like so much about them...

* One of them, I do have to admit, is getting divorced, and ideally won't be a married woman much longer, AND, I did know her (in the Biblical sense, yes) as a lesbian before she realized she might actually be bi and got married, so I admit that including her in my pool of married women who like breasts (Ah, doesn't that sound interesting, a pool of married women who like breasts? I'm ready to jump in... ) may be skewing the stats a little.

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  1. I am SO giggling right now. Love it!

  2. And to clarify, based upon the response I have received, you may submit it in essay form. Illustrations are acceptable, as, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Just thought I would clarify for those who were hesitating sharing with me.. ;)

  3. Okay. Blog posts ARE acceptable responses:

  4. I'm going to have to agree. I do. Except the words breasts and boobies seem...idk. They seem to cheapen the image for me. I prefer jubblies. *snicker* Oh, and I will be all over the blog post response including my crappy illustration. ;-)