Monday, June 18, 2012


Oh my, and one of the BIGGEST reasons I came away from this weekend thanking God that I was still single was all of the time that I spent WAITNG for others!  I mean, being single, the only person you are waiting for is you.  When you're ready to go, you, um, go?

It's pretty simple. 

It's not that I never wait in my life.  I do.  And I didn't mind the "waiting" when I was ready before the time that we said to go happened.  But the text messages at that time, or worse, after, that said "Fifteen more minutes..." when I was already waiting in the lobby.  Given that my room was across the hall from them, I finally trained them out of this "Meet in the lobby" crap and told them just to knock on my door when they were ready to go.

But MAN did I have to WAIT a lot this weekend! 

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  1. Same goes for being a parent. You're always waiting on someone. I hate to be late. If I say I'm gonna be somewhere at a certain time, I do everything I can to be a few minutes early. I stress big time if I'm even a few minutes late.