Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awesome Day!

Today was a pretty awesome day!  Particularly in the world of blogging for me.  I wrote the 100th post (and the 101st, and the 102nd, and here we are on 103rd...), and my viewership surpassed 1,000 views.  My posts or my blogs were mentioned on two other folks blogs: , and

(THANKS guys!)

Plus, a cute girl sent me a picture of her smile... (oh, wait, that wasn't blogging, that was separate.. BUT, part of making it an AWESOME day!)

(Any other cute girls, again, feel free to send me pictures... Email me

Also, I have 50 comments (yes, that includes mine...but... I have to be a polite hostess and respond to my fandom).

Overall, pretty darn awesome! 

Keep it up! (Oh, wait, that's me.. but you, too.. you keep it up! Keep reading... keep inspiring me!)


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