Friday, June 1, 2012


My current best friend (because, honestly, I have about 10 people during my life-time who have held this title, and it's kind of a lifetime achievement award, so my best friend from 1st grade still is referred to as my best friend, but she isn't who I am referring to here and now!) has had the nerve to go and get herself a full time job (bitch!). She lives a bit of a distance from me, so we're electronic best friends at this point (although we have known each other in real life, so it's not AS creepy as it might seem..).  Her more flexible schedule made her a more, um, reliable, um, responsive sounding board. 

But now that she's got this full time job AND (again, the nerve!) a social life! (bitch!) I find myself feeling a little neglected and lonely.

One of the reasons I stated early on for creating this blog was to be a receptacle for all the crazy things that go through my head that I have to share with someone.  Because often sharing with just ONE someone becomes a bit too overwhelming.

I admit, I'm a little scared to look in my sent folder at the twenty e-mails I sent to her yesterday (still unresponded to mostly, because, um, she was working!) because I know at least ONE of them expounded upon the fact that I discovered yesterday that I prefer hair wax to hair gel. 

Really important stuff.  I am sure once she reads that, she'll get back to me right away, right?  No, more likely, she'll probably wonder why I am wasting her limited time with such nonsense.

Particulalry when there's Twitter.

I admit it.  Twitter is growing on me.  I do now check it more than once a day when at first, of course, I could go days or weeks without checking it.  After all, the only reason I got on Twitter was to get Jenny The Bloggess' attention.  And I did.  She's my very first follower.  Now I have 28 followers, and have done 302 tweets.

I know over half of the followers came in the past week, and primarily from #wineparty Kit of Blogging Dangerously's weekly Twitter party. 

Facebook users think of themselves as being more high-brow than twitter.  I know.  I felt that way, myself.  And I'm not sure whether we are or are not, and of course there are PLENTY of cross-overs between FB and Twitter, so it's not like there are two distinct camps.  But there is this notion on FB that if you do start to brain fart dump in it (hair wax versus hair gel) that you'll soon get people hiding your news from their newsfeeds.  Or at least gloss over them, as I do. 

Twitter requires cleverness.  Or recognizing cleverness and retweeting it.  The goal of Twitter is not to be "friends" with everyone you meet or tweet or whatever.  You don't have to worry about someone's standards on Twitter that they'll begin to gloss over you.  They're not looking for baby news, or how your life is going, or what your children did, or how your career is skyrocketing.  They're not looking for lengthy in depth political discussions (although many of us on FB aren't either, but sometimes find ourselves caught in the quicksand morass of them).  Twitter is simple.

I'm falling fot Twitter.  And maybe, instead of innundating my hard working (bitch) best friend's e-mail box with many messages of no value I should just bombard Twitter with the update of the important sutff like hair wax versus gel.  Because I know you're interested. 

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  1. First off I'm insanely jealous that you got Jenny's attention. I tried. I sent her pictures of the ornament I made in her honor. I commented on her tweets and her blog posts. NOTHING. So there's that. Also, a person who proclaimed herself my BESTIE abandoned me after I told her too much, because I'm "too intense". So, yes, thank gawd for Twitter. Plus it brought me you! :)

    And just in case you want more of my best friend stories, you can read it here:

    Yours is much happier.

  2. Ah! I love the "too intense" "compliment". You are not alone. I have received that comment many many times in my years. But I don't really know how to be anything other than me, so I've been told the best thing is to find friends who aren't weanies. And then, several months (years, actually) later, the same friend told me I was too intense. Oh well!

  3. I did read the hair gel vs. wax email on my break yesterday. I felt I should prioritize my time and respond to the messages with more pressing issues. ;-)

  4. You are right! I was trying to pin down the difference but you have to be interesting and clever on twitter. Not so much on facebook though it helps. My FB is for people I know pretty well or very well so we want to see the kid pictures and cats falling off the bed and junk like that. On twitter you have to be funny or at least really weird. I followed you over here from #wineparty

    1. Well, welcome. I hope you look around, like what you see,tell all your friends, and most of all come back. Here I get a little more than 140 characters to flesh out my own character. And see me as a little more 3-dimensional than just a tweep. Thanks!