Sunday, June 24, 2012

Funk Cubed...

Today on Twitter, I posted a link to a prior post - The right to funk.. since I had woken up in, well, a funk.  In addition to posting to my Twitter-world, I also shared my funky state (which sounds SO much cooler than the state I was in) with two good friends.  Hoping, I guess that they'd attend my "pity party" as one of the commenters has called it.

Unfortunately, my invitations crossed in the mail, as both of them - separately of course - informed me that they, too, (or is it three?) were in a funk.

Isn't that like the Earth and the Sun and the Moon all eclipsing each other?  Isn't that supposed to be a special event?

Maybe not so special. 

Fortunately none of us seemed so far into a funk, that we couldn't at least send presents to each other's parties.  And I hope, as this evening draws to a close, we'll all three find ourselves out of this funk. 

Maybe it was just a funky day.. and not in one of those good Sanford & Sons ways...

As I wrote to one of them:  This too shall pass.  Resistance, after all, is futile. 


  1. Love how you ended this post! The borg had it right all along. Resistance IS futile! Hope the funk is lifting for all of you. If not go on youtube and search for clips of babies laughing. Might not end the funk but I guarantee you will smile!

    1. Thanks! Yes, that funk seems to have passed. Ideally for all three of us - although I guess I should confirm with the others. Other funks may come and go, but we'll try to plan them better!

  2. What kind of present does one send to a pity party? I never know what's appropriate...

    1. Like many parties I host, your presence is presents enough!