Monday, June 25, 2012

Dessert, Mormon and Pneumonia - Apparently I'm influential

So, this past weekend, in order to more effectively view #wineparty, I finally logged into HootSuite to try a Twitter app.  Overload, I will admit.  Twitter-crack.  Crazy.

One of the things I discovered was something I'd seen whispers of which is "Klout".  I hadn't gone onto Klout's page before (or at least I don't think I did) because I didn't need to sign into something new without knowing what it was.  But, apparently, nonetheless, I have acquired Klout anyway. 

In HootSuite, amongst other things you can see in one's profile, you can see their Klout score.  I scratched around a little and found out that not everybody had Klout, and the numbers vary.   Oprah, of course, has Klout.  That wasn't too surprising. 

So this evening I finally corner another tweep down who is posting about Klout and finally ask her.

I already knew my Klout score was 42 - an irony I love since it is the answer to everything.  But what I didn't know, prior to this evening, is that I am influential in 13 categories.  Including Dessert, Mormon and Pneumonia.

You can find the full list at the bottom of the blog.  I find it of note that of the things I influence, blogging comes in sixth.  Guess I need to work on this.  I'm guessing there is no category on the Amish. 

Now, I know where the Mormon comes in.  It came in the middle of the conversation about the Amish, and we were talking, generally, about special underwear.  And the Mormon's wear some, too, and I brought this up in, of course, a #wineparty conversation a couple of weeks back. 

I'm not quite sure how I got so influential in Dessert - although I do eat them from time to time, particularly Cookies which comes in fourth.

But I have NO idea how I became influential in the topic of pneumonia.  I've had walking pneumonia before, but I haven't yet discussed that here or there or anywhere... (well, now I have, but..).

I laugh that I'm influential under avi, considering it's only been recently that I have finally moved on from being an egghead after so much taunting and teasing...

Anyway, the end result is I am both very amused and very disturbed by my Klout score.  Frankly, as I said, since 42 is the answer to everything, I hope it stays right there...

(Oh, and who are the 618 others?  They haven't all been on here, yet... I guess I need to use my influence a little more.. )

If I've influenced you, go ahead and use your Klout to get someone else to come and read my blog.  As the person who I was DMing about it with said you might as well take advantage of the perks (although I have a feeling that wasn't what she was talking about, but we'll pretend for a few moments..)

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