Monday, June 11, 2012


Oh. It's Monday. And I so don't want to go on site.  I know that face time is good, particularly when I'm not being particularly productive, but I want to sit at home instead.  Maybe work from home, but either way sit at home.

This morning I have come up with the perfect tweet to circulate and be retweeted, but for "getting noticed" sakes, I'd like to have the perfectly witty blog post to circulate with it. 

So far, this isn't it. 

It is easy to say, "Do what you love" and then you'll never be working. But how do we get paid for that? And how do we figure that out, because lately, what I love most is sleeping, and I'm sure there really aren't places that pay you to do that.  At least not knowingly. 

Welcome to Monday.  Resistance is futile.

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