Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sex Sells..

Let's face it.  Sex sells.  We (women) like sex.  Sex is fun (ideally).  We are more interested than we're allowed to express in each other's sex lives.  Curious what others' experiences are.  Happy for others who are having successful healthy sex lives.  (Now that Kit and I are tweeps, I regularly encourage her and her DH having enjoyed her posts so much regarding their healthy romps, and her friendly relationshp with Siri (and it's not her iPhone)). 

(I think I remember what that is like...?)

Amish Swingers isn't my most popular post, but it is one of the most quickly viewed in high numbers since I've been doing this blog. 

And, as my friend Anonymous told you all, I can be quite the tease...

But we like that.  We like teasing, flirting, being sexually suggestive to a line.

One Tweep told me that she draws the line at anyone who sends her a naked picture of themself.  That she immediately blocks that person, and I, sickly, hold that in my back pocket knowing if I decide I don't want to be tweeps with her anymore, I'll just send her a naked picture (not necessarily of myself, but.. what does a collective cube look like naked, anyway??). 

I jest.

We have our lines.  And depending on how well we get to know each other, those lines might move.  And some of the reason for the lines is that even though we're all curious and interested, we're not supposed to be.  Ever since Adam and Eve put those fig leaves on, there is this curiosity, but we're supposed to hide it.

Fifty Shades of Grey is one way to dip a toe into the water of the conversation.  It really isn't any thing more than a B/d S/m Harlequin.  I remember my classmates from eighth and ninth grade getting all excited reading about "his thrombing member".. There isn't anything really more risque in that book than Harlequin, except it isn't published by Harlequin.

Because reading Harlequins - and admitting that - is silly.  And yet, so many of us do it.  My 70+ cousin is an avid subscriber and reads all the series, and then donates them.  One of my best friends admits to jumpstarting her sex life and her low libido reading these books.

These books are girl-porn.  We do it, too.  But we prefer to pretend we're more high-brow.  But most people will agree that men are visual, and women tend to get stuck in their heads.  Er, I mean, tend to be turned on by our brains. 

Even nuns are talking about lesbianism and masturbation.  Lord, knows, the Catholic priests know a thing or two about sex despite their vows of celibacy... (oops - she DID NOT just go there??)

I don't know what it takes for us to be open about our interest and our curiosity.  Perhaps a forum - semi-anonymous like twitter (or Craig's list?? Eek! No) is a way in which people can explore and express their interest and begin to find that they're not alone in liking sex, in being interested in sex.  In flirting..

(Oh, God, I love flirting!! It is so much fun.. as Anonymous warned you, I'm a tease, and she should know...)

Despite this post, though, and my open flirting with several of you, the reality is that I, too, have an interest in hiding my interest.  I did seriously consider posting the link I found for Amish Swingers in the last post, but didn't because I didn't want the owner of the website of innocent swings to track back to my link and read about our playful whimsy with a different kind of Amish swinger...

We are like dogs chasing our tails. 

Which, if you've ever walked through the Castro with a gay male friend, that's exactly what gay men might do with each other - they seem open and willing to express their interest in each other.  I become quite amused when I walk down Castro with a boy friend, and he spies someone more interesting, they both turn and watch each other go, and then keep moving on.  Like two dogs walking along, sniffing each other's butts, and then moving on. 

Men are better about being honest about their sexual interest.  Women need to take ownership of theirs. 

Kit would usually assign sex homework.  I'm not as good a Dominatrix, er, I mean commanding... But I'd be curious about your thoughts on the subject.

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  1. Harlequin books do nothing for me. Shades of Grey sparked my interest but the books soon became repetitive and boring. Now I'm reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and THAT definitely gets parts of me twitching.

    My sexual interests vary, and while I like to say I'm pretty open about that, I'm not really. There's a certain sense of shame and of guilt in some of my interests. Even with my husband over the years, I've had to be drinking to really be honest about what I want, what I like, what I want to try. And the next day I'd often be embarrassed by what I'd done or said.

    On the other hand, I'm an incredible flirt. And in writing I have no problem saying what I'm interested in.

  2. I was at the drugstore yesterday, buying a bottle of "Family Planning Personal Lubricant" (family planning???) and admit that I balked a little when I saw the male cashier. Then I thought, "Yeah, I'm a sexually active person who happens to use this product. Get over it." and paid cash. ;-)