Saturday, June 23, 2012

Purple Thumb

While I think it would be wonderful, in theory, to have a garden out back and grow a lovely vegetable garden and have fresh food, I don't. 

The reason I don't is because I have a purple thumb.  And no patience.  I'd overwater the plants and drown them in my love and affection, er, I mean water. 

Except, I don't.  Mean water, that is.

Well, and I don't mean a vegetable garden, either.

A friend and I have been joking that she's been developing a harem.  And the more I think about the idea, the more I realize I need one.  And the more I realize I need one, the more I realize, um, I've been developing one by writing this blog and shamelessly promoting it.  (Well, not so shamelessly, but..).

In my life, generally, I've believed in serial monogamy.  And not just in romantic relationships, frankly, but in friendship, too.  I have a series of "best friends".  And I realize that one of the reasons I have a "series" is that I wear them out. 

I don't do it on purpose.  I just, um, kinda keep watering them.  I inundate them with 10s of emails a day, or, er, an hour.  At first they like the attention, too, and keep up.  But it doesn't take long before I have saturated this line of communication.

I have one friend who served as the repository for all the odd things and connections that went through my head that now serve as blog entries for over two and a half years.  And I was working through some heavy stuff during that time, let me tell you.  God bless her. 

Early on, the fool wrote: "I'll read every word you write."  Which was so refreshing after my ex had stopped reading stuff long before.  I bless her for the sentiment, but after two and a half years of reading my tomes - because let's face it, I can write a tome - she, um, blocked me from her e-mail.  She was taking space overall, and it was a lot more complicated than I need to get into here, but even after she started to "release" other forms of communication (Facebook, texting, phone calls), she's still left e-mail blocked. 

You'd think I'd get the hint. 

And I did.  I, er, created this blog.  My friend, Robin, has been fairly instrumental in all of this, and she became the new repository for my long tomes.  Until she got a life of her own (damnit - who told her she could?). 

And now, another new friend has recently become the victim of my multitude of e-mails.  She texts me a lot.  I think she's scared to look in her e-mail box.  I don't blame her.  The flood from over-watering might cause her to drown.  And I wouldn't want that.

And so I need a harem.  A multitude of people with whom I can share my many thoughts and ramblings.. Now.. where can I find that?  Oh, yes.  Of course.  Twitter.

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