Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well, this is it.  The hundredth post I am publishing on this blog.  Wow!  It's been a wild and great trip already.  At the end of February, I wrote post 25 and I was somewhat serious about my four readers from the Ukraine.  I decided to try and hit the big time by "calling out" the Bloggess, and telling her she shouldn't be a Nater-Tater. 

It is a little amusing to re-read that post, and actually the two posts leading up to it. 

Ah, the days before I found Twitter.  All that free time I used to have... I remember it now... 

Well, She favorited me, and then forgot me.  But my top read post, by far, is that 25th post.  I've had 951 views as of this typing - 22 new last night alone. 

The top five blog posts are:
1. Calling out The Bloggess - Don't pull a Nater-Tater
2. 21. I have / am ADD
3. Amish Swingers (that's a fun one.. )
4. Married Women Like Breasts (I still like that one, too.. although I haven't gotten as much response as I had hoped! More stories and pictures, please!)
5. ADD

Proof, though, that I am beginning to gain in popularity, my post from yesterday, is in the top ten.

I am having a hell of a good time, and I hope you are, too.  Seriously lots of thanks to my new tweeps - you're the best. 

If you like this, stick around and read other entries.  Hit a few on the right that are favorites, or go to the home page of the blog, and read from beginning to end.  Take a moment to send me some feedback.  Thanks for coming.  Please come back soon.

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