Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's on your bed?

If you're single, like me, let's face it.  Unless we are sleeping in a twin bed, we don't sleep in the whole bed.  And so, sometimes, things accumulate where we don't sleep.    Yes.  We'd like it to be a hot sexy person in that extra space, but since that person isn't HERE, well, we find substitutes don't we.

Typically I fall asleep with my laptop on my bed.  I have gotten comfortable enough to know that I won't roll over and knock it off the bed in the middle of the night, and I know how close to the edge I can have it and be safe.  So waking up with that next to me, or my phone, isn't so unusual for me.  Sometimes my glasses don't quite make it to the nightstand either - although I *do* worry about breaking those.  All things not so unusual.

The other morning, I woke up snuggling next to my wallet.  I'm not quite sure what that was about, but it happened once more, too. 

This morning, all those friends are there - although the wallet was closer to the foot of the bed than in my face staring back at me saying, "Good morning, Sweetie" like it did the last two times.  I have an unopened bag of chips that has been there for two nights.  I guess it's there just in case of emergency, and there hasn't been a chip emergency yet.  My keys are in bed with me - not a usual companion, but there you go.  My glasses case also near the foot of the bed, with my sunglasses resting safely inside.  Some loose bills, a thank you card for a graduation gift, and of all the stuff, this is the one I'm most ashamed to admit, a Ziploc baggie with the leftover packaging from a roll of cookie dough.  There's also an ice pack that I keep for my laptop which tends to run hot, and those laptop fan thingies never seem to help. 

Looking around, I see also, that I missed a ball point pen, too.  On other occasions, if I have been playing with, um, toys, they'll be here, too, but last night that wasn't the case.

What was the case, clearly, is that when I came home last night, rather than empty my pockets out on to a table, as I usually do (or several tables), I clearly just emptied it out at the foot of the bed, and never moved it. 

While I may not make my bed every morning, I usually do clear it off - although the emergency potato chips seem to be a clear exception.

What strange things do you wake up to in bed with you?

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