Friday, June 15, 2012


There was a time in my life when I gave out endearments quite sparingly.  I only used them addressing my significant other, and outside of that, they often felt strange.  Even the first time I called my S.O. "Sweetie" may have felt a little foreign to me...

But then I spent a lot of time with someone who uses them quite freely, and before I knew it, for some reason, they have come rolling off my tongue.  Maybe it's more acceptable here in the midwest, where everyone is a "hun", or a "sweetie", but I find myself using them without care, without regard.  Almost, even, without notice.

It took awhile before I could call anyone else "Sweetie" after calling one person only "Sweetie" for over ten years.  For a brief period that seemed like a special nickname reserved only for her.  Except, of course, by that time she had been anything but sweet.  That name seems to have lost it's taint, and now it comes out along with "dear" and "honey".

In the spoken word, I have had it pointed out, though, that whenever I go to use the word "honey", I apparently use it in quite a patronizing way.  "Now, honey..."  Ever since someone has told me that, I am amused when I hear myself about to use the word "honey" and I often think twice about what I was about to say and how.  "Hun" does not have that patronizing use.

I admit that I tend to stick with the basic generics.  But I know there are people who come up with more creative nicknames and endearments.  Feel free to share below.

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