Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10. I am active in my church

It's a simple statement: I am active in my church.  And yet, writing it or trying to figure out how to write it, I realize that it is really quite complex.  And less so because of what it means to me, although that is a part, but more so because of what I think it might mean to a random anonymous audience. 

I would be curious to hear from others who might make that statement as to why they are active in their church.  You can comment below publicly or privately send me an e-mail - I think there should be a link, but if not, it's

I like the formatting feature on the right where it lists the labels used on the blog, and makes the labels used more often bigger than those used less often.  It helps you see what your priorities are, or at least your most talked about (and tagged, because administratively, you gotta tag 'em) subjects. 

I would have a lot of "tags" as to why I go to church, and the biggest of those "tags" would be community.  I participate in my church to find and participate in my community. 

When a person is in school, they are surrounded by people and it is easy to make friends.  The older you get, I have found, the harder it is to meet people and make friends, and develop long lasting relationships.  Not impossible, but harder.  Church is a place to meet people and make friends for me.

Relationship with God.  Frankly, I don't need a church to have a relationship with God.  He and I have it regardless of where I am at.  I have belonged to a church - not my current one - where I have found a perfect spot to sit and feel His presence, but a church is not a requirement for me to commune with God. 

A good sermon.  I really like a thought-provoking sermon.  I want the preacher to make me think about my life today in a new or different way.  Or reaffirm choices I am making, or nudge me in a direction if I am wondering.  I like an engaging and thought-provoking sermon.

My "religious beliefs" are not necessarily traditional.  I am not a bible thumper.  Nor do I feel the need to impose my views on others.  I'll share them with folks and have a conversation, but while I have a strong faith in my relationship with God, I have no pretense or belief that I can tell you about your relationship.  That's your business. 

But the primary reason I go to church is for the people, for the community.  I have made good friends in church, and I enjoy seeing people each week.  I can be socially awkward - inviting people to do things is not always easy - but here I know we'll see each other regularly - I don't have to work that hard to see you. 

So I am active in my church.

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