Monday, February 27, 2012

Twitter Haters and the Dalai Lama

So, I go onto my newly created Twitter account to remind The Bloggess about her picture.  I know she was busy last night watching the Oscars with her cat and taking their picture on the red carpet, but I feel confident that she will send me a picture collating paper and juggling twine shortly.  But a little reminder couldn't hurt, right?

So, last night, I tried to find folks to follow, and as I've mentioned before, I *love* the Dalai Lama.  LOVE him!  And so I was pleased to see in my newsfeed (wait, that's a FB term, what is the appropriate Twit-term?)

I admit, his morning tweet wasn't rocket science.  It wasn't one of his more uniquely profound statements, but WTF, to the first comment?

Wow!  Um.. if anyone reading has this kind of a response to my blog, um, could you go somewhere else?  I mean really?  No-one told him to read the Dalai Lama, or if they did, go be angry at them, not at the Dalai Lama.  And, um, he isn't telling you what to do, he's just stating a fact.  Or some might consider it an opinion - I won't quibble that point.  Clearly you need some comforting, and you clearly don't have peace within yourself.  But he isn't telling you to seek comfort, nor to find peace within yourself. 

Um, one more requirement of my readers.  A mastery of the English language and basic sentence structure.  Even if I don't always write in sentences... (There's that inconsistency thing rearing its ugly head.  Luckily, there's a tag for that!)

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  1. Twitter 103: You need an avatar ("avi") on your Twitter account. Don't be an egghead. Also, I believe on Twitter it's called a "timeline." (Which, yes, is another FB term, but Twitter had it first.) Individual communications are called "tweets" and your Twitter buddies are your "tweeps" or merely "followers."